12 October 2021

It's finally here - the comprehensive handbook on all things breathing.

What are the four things that fuel you ???

22 September 2021

Top tips for recognition of someone not coping and exercises to help boost a weary nervous system, turn down the tension.

It's WORLD Physiotherapy Day!

9 September 2021

BradCliff would like to acknowledge the incredible work over the last year...

Covid continues to spread.

23 August 2021

The Cough Conundrum.

Breathing is misunderstood.

2 July 2021

There's a big difference between breathing and meditation, breathing for wellness and breathing for health.

Exploring the art of breathing

14 June 2021

2 MINUTE READ from Better Breathing Magazine - Winter 2021 by Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ


6 April 2021

My name is Natiq Yaqoob and I am from the Indian state of Kashmir.

Treating Long Covid - Online Course

25 March 2021

What you need to know and what you can do in clinical practice.

Anxiety in the age of COVID

9 February 2021

Over the last 6 months we have seen a surge in cases of anxiety and health anxiety in our clinical caseload.

How modern life can ruin your breathing

8 January 2021

An ear, nose and throat specialist suspected she had a breathing pattern disorder ...

BradCliff Breathing Christmas Message

23 December 2020

This year in particular, and in those countries who are still in various stages of lockdown, many face a Christmas alone or isolated from family...

Breathing rehabilitation - the new CBT of the decade?

7 December 2020

Breathing well and neuropsychological resilience for our children.

The effect of breathing retraining on the cardiovascular system

23 October 2020

- an update. We thought we'd focus on the role of breathing on the cardiovascular system.

Breathing well with rehabilitation post Covid

30 September 2020

It is important that anyone who experiences breathing difficulties seek professional help.

It is scary when you can’t breathe.

14 August 2020

Breathless? WHY? Poor fitness? Anxiety / Fatigue? Lung pathology?

Please Walk Clockwise - Part 3

1 June 2020

The main physiological roles of breathing, when CO2 goes down- airway connection/muscle aches & fatigue and the role of pH and homeostasis.

Announcing our 3rd Scholarship winner!

8 May 2020

Kristina Saul from TuneUp Physio in Christchurch, Vocal Physiotherapist

Announcing another Scholarship winner!

5 May 2020

My name is Melanie and I am a Perth-based physiotherapist.

Please Walk Clockwise - Part 2

1 May 2020

The importance of a good breathing rhythm, droplet projection, especially if the exhale is bigger and more forced and the significance of breathing through our nose vs mouth.

Announcing one of four scholarship winners ...

30 April 2020

Jen Edge, Physiotherapist from Dubbo New South Wales Australia

Please Walk Clockwise - Part 1

1 April 2020

On my morning walk, I came across a sign that read 'Please Walk Clockwise'.

Covid-19 pandemic

23 March 2020

What BradCliff professionals should know.

Hidden epidemic of the 21st Century

21 February 2020

Some 700 cases of the hyperventilation syndrome have been studied in the respiratory physiology department of Papworth Hospital.

BradCliff Breathing congratulates Michael Ballentine...

4 February 2020

... a scholarship recipient for the upcoming Level 1 course held in Vancouver.

Breathe well and you will be well. The health fix of the decade.

23 January 2020

Breathing is the most amazing tool we have to help us through life. Physio business makes breath-testing a practice with global reach

28 November 2019

A specialist form of respiratory physiotherapy which is growing in demand as stress and mental health issues escalate.

MINA PHILLIPS: Supporting your teenager’s mental health

2 September 2019

The number of New Zealand youth experiencing anxiety and depression continues to increase. How to calm your breath when you’re stressed

22 August 2019

Stressed out and sighing, or yawning through your day?

Case study: Asthma and a stubborn chest infection

15 June 2019

People don’t realise how drastically a bad breathing technique can affect them, but by learning how to breathe properly the effects can be literally life changing.

Top 5 tips for staying healthy through the winter

9 June 2019

Last year I was trying to be superman for a 6-month period through winter...

Veronique Beets - Scholarship winner

2 May 2019

See what Veronique has to say.

Alison Reid - Canadian scholarship winner

2 May 2019

“There’s physio for lungs?”

Kids noses: keep them clear!

16 April 2019

Does your child or a child you know mouth breathe?

The Times UK: Breathing, it’s the new health fad.

7 March 2019

Are you sure you can do it properly?

TVNZ The Project: How to Sleep | #PillowTalk

28 November 2018

To cap off Sleep Week we host a live demo to share our top sleep tip.


20 June 2018


I can't breathe! The Breathless Teenager.

13 June 2018

Sometimes it's not 'all in their head' - teenagers can be particularly vulnerable to breathing dysfunction.

Did you know that physiotherapy can help you overcome problems with breathing?

14 May 2018

The history of physiotherapy and breathing re-education.

World Asthma Day

1 May 2018

1st May 2018 is the 20th annual World Asthma Day.

Breathing through the ages

4 April 2018

At the age of 15, a light bulb moment occurred for me in the biology lab.

Breath gives life.

28 March 2018

We consider the religious view point of breath.

MAS Magazine: Don't Hold Your Breath

15 January 2018

Talk for more than 5 minutes to Tania Clifton-Smith and you're suddenly aware that you are holding your breath...

The Listener: Can you overcome stress with the power of breathing?

13 September 2017

If we can control the mechanical way we respond to stress, we could reduce anxiety.

Asthma Respiratory Foundation Conference 2016

9 May 2017

Day One: Breathing Dysfunction/ Breathing Pattern Disorders

Government Policy Change Spurs Physios To Take Action!

10 April 2017

Two enterprising physiotherapists are urging New Zealand physiotherapists to join a trail-blazing health initiative to counter a government withdrawal of key physiotherapy funding.

Breathing Pattern Disorders and the Athlete

8 March 2017

If breathing is not normalised no other movement pattern can be. COPD (lung disease), physiotherapy can help

3 May 2012

NZ Nationwide Breathe easier with physiotherapy campaign. Asthma - Breathe Easier with Physiotherapy

3 May 2012

NZ Nationwide Breathe easier with physiotherapy campaign. Benefits of physiotherapy for asthma and COPD

3 May 2012

Medical experts – on Breathing pattern disorders. NZ Nationwide Breathe easier with physiotherapy campaign. Dinah Bradley & The Slow Breathing Movement

21 July 2011

Breathing is a tool we all have, one of such simplicity that its power is easily overlooked.

NZ Herald: Learning how to breathe easy.

23 August 2010

Gill South learns breathing properly isn’t as easy as she thought and requires serious practice.

Little Treasures Magazine: Take a breather

1 August 2010

I've discovered I'm a mouth breather, and what's the bet you are too.

The Listener: Anxiety

17 July 2010

A letter to The Listener: “Panic stations” missed out one thing: hyperventilation syndrome.

Pharmacy Today: Address breathing technique

1 June 2009

Not addressing breathing patterns of asthmatics is negligent.

VOXY: New Zealand’s Alarming Asthma Rate Due To Bad Breathing Say Authors

4 May 2009

Two internationally recognised breathing experts have called for the promotion of drug-free alternatives to asthma treatments to help the more than 600,000 New Zealanders with a respiratory illness.

TV3: Drug-free alternatives to asthma needed

4 May 2009

Drug-free alternatives to asthma treatment need to be promoted, two internationally recognised breathing experts say.