Breathe well and you will be well. The health fix of the decade.

  • 23 January 2020

Breathing is the most amazing tool we have to help us through life.

But many of us have developed poor breathing habits without appreciating the long-term effects on our well-being. Breathing well can alleviate many conditions such as asthma, allergies, chronic airways disease, high blood pressure, fatigue, panic attacks and pain. It can enhance sporting practices, improve focus and clarity and most importantly allows us to feel and be connected with ourselves and others. It  allows us to navigate in this electronic century where many have become disconnected more than ever.

As we enter a new decade where many are searching for ways to improve health awareness, the breath is constantly popping up on social media and in the health sector.

This year, BradCliff will continue to share the knowledge, skills and techniques we have developed over the last 30 years. Please help support and share as this is truly an amazing field to be involved in.

What is BradCliff?

BradCliff breathing concentrates on problems in the breathing process as seen and treated by therapists.

The principles involved cut across mindbody borders; for example rigidity of the muscles of the thorax might also include rigidity as expressed in fearful attitudes. Flexibility is as important for muscles as it is for social behaviour; and both affect breathing. Structural maladaptations can prevent normal breathing function just as abnormal breathing patterns can result in structural dysfunction and musculoskeletal problems.

The BradCliff Method consists of 3 levels to reach an educator status.

    This evidence based programme, will introduce you to the concepts of breathing dysfunction/breathing pattern disorders. Assessment and treatment protocols.
  • LEVEL 2
    Builds on the Level 1 course with advanced breathing assessment & treatment techniques.
  • LEVEL 3
    Workshops to extend thinking and practice. Focusing on advanced principles and practical application of breathing pattern disorders.

No other treatment programme currently holds this position, and those completing the BradCliff Method courses will enhance their practice and will be leaders in this field.

Clients who see a BradCliff trained therapist know they are in good hands.

  1. We believe in good health through effective breathing.
  2. Allowing breathing space gives balance to mind, body + spirit.  
  3. Aims to create a community to come together and collaborate
  4. To educate, learn and adapt our techniques and methodology  
  5. We aim to inspire through our own proven success and from those that have gained success through BradCliff
  6. We will be true and honest to the principles of science, demonstrating confidentiality and professionalism always -  integrity
  7. We value a shared understanding and TRUST between therapist and patient so healing can occur.

"People don’t realise how drastically a bad breathing technique can affect them, but by learning how to breathe properly the effects can be literally life changing."

Upcoming 2020 Courses

What is the value for health professionals?

  • Leading edge clinical skills
  • A fresh perspective – competitive advantage
  • Intrinsic knowledge
  • Being in touch with patients
  • Being part of a community - shared insight
  • Proven by research, backed up by science = successful results

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