Interesting how breathing affects so many conditions!

Thank you, very enjoyable and well organised course in a friendly, welcoming environment. Pippa was really practical and delivered a great overview. Well worth the trip from Bunbury. Interesting how breathing affects so many conditions!

— Therese Reeves, Physiotherapist based in Bunbury, WA, Australia

One of the best aspects is the ongoing support and discussions

Since attending the first two BradCliff courses, I have had some incredibly rewarding experiences with patients.

Breathing dysfunction is an extremely fascinating area of Physiotherapy and one in which the more you learn, the more interesting it becomes. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses, the BradCliff team are very knowledgeable and their various passions within their chosen field complemented each other really well for a very well rounded course.

One of the great aspects of becoming a BradCliff Practitioner is the ongoing support and discussions. I would highly recommend this course to any Physiotherapist.

— Anna Rankin, Physiotherapist based in Invercargill, New Zealand

It changed the way I approached breathing with patients

The BradCliff course changed the way I approach breathing with all my patients. I really learned where and how I wasn't taking my patients far enough to get a full and permanent change in their breathing patterns. The courses were well organised, full of useful case studies and there was great clinical discussion. I am much more effective in communicating with my patients and my colleagues about why breathing matters and how it needs to be considered as the baseline for treatment for a variety of symptoms. Thanks to the BradCliff courses my patients are working harder and breathing better than ever before.

— Lisa Eaton, Physical Therapist at Cascade Dizziness & Balance Physical Therapy based in Seattle, United States

It was worth the long journey

The BradCliff Breathing Level 1 course had a high standard in relation to the subject Dysfunctional Breathing/Breathing Pattern Disorders and Breathing Retraining. It was a great combination of theory and practice. I enjoyed the many “hands-on” sessions and the small group discussions on the subject. The BradCliff team were experienced, had know-how and specialist knowledge on DB/BPD and Breathing Retraining and they complimented each other in a natural and positive way. This course gave me further and more detailed knowledge and the confidence to upgrade the Breathing Retraining Program at our clinic in Copenhagen. I’m looking forward to come back in August and join the BradCliff level 2 course!

— Lone Schaadt, Physiotherapist at Bispebjerg og Frederiksberg Hospital based in Copenhagen, Denmark