HOW TO TAKE A BREATH the comprehensive handbook on all things breathing.HOW TO TAKE A BREATH

the comprehensive handbook on all things breathing

By Tania Clifton-Smith

Tania Clifton-Smith has put her 30 years of experience as a clinician and educator into one comprehensive handbook. Covering topics from sports, to chest clearance, voice, anxiety and even breathing well for a tip top immune system and Covid recovery. Breathing well can bring about improvements in a surprising number of areas of your life.

This skill is usually taken for granted. Surely you just breathe in … and then you breathe out? But experienced physiotherapist and breathing dysfunction expert Tania Clifton-Smith has been helping people correct their breathing patterns for over 30 years and has seen at first-hand what a difference it makes.

Read a review - by Brigitte Eastwood (on behalf of the Cardio-Respiratory Special Interest Group).

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HOW TO TAKE A BREATH the comprehensive handbook on all things breathing.BREATHING MATTERS

A New Zealand Guide

By Tania Clifton-Smith, Jim Bartley

A revolutionary book from top Ear, Nose & Throat surgeon, Dr Jim Bartley, and highly-regarded breathing expert, Tania Clifton-Smith, who believe that good breathing patterns can dramatically improve the lives of people with major diseases such as heart disease, asthma and depression.

Breathing well helps us relax, normalises body biochemistry, reduces muscle pain and allows the re-establishment of normal posture and movement.

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Get Rid of Workplace Stress

By Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith

Break the cycle of tension and exhaustion in the workplace and learn how to have greater energy through correct breathing.

Workers today are becoming more sedentary. We are thinking more and using our bodies less - we communicate all day with a computer screen, becoming so absorbed that our shoulders tense, our breathing changes, we hold our breath too much and, by the end of the day, we're exhausted.

Extensive research has linked dysfunctional breathing patterns to problems such as occupational overuse and RSI.

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Breathing Pattern Disorders and How to Overcome Them

By Dinah Bradley

The expert guide to a range of health issues caused by poor breathing.

Do you sometimes experience panicky feelings for no apparent reason? Do you experience tingling sensations in your lips or fingertips - or both? Do you frequently feel 'spaced out' or find it hard to concentrate at work? Do you sometimes feel breathless for no apparent reason? Have you ever been accused of being a hypochondriac? Has your self-confidence taken a nose dive?

If so, you are not alone. 12% of the population suffers from hyperventilation syndrome in varying degrees and experience distressing fears along with the puzzling array of symptoms that accompany bad breathing.

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Managing Your Asthma with the BradCliff Breathing Method

By Dinah Bradley, Tania Clifton-Smith

Retrain your breathing to manage your asthma medication and stress.

A fully revised, updated (and renamed) edition of the successful 2002Breathing Works for Asthma, this book is the asthma sufferer's indispensable companion. Roughly one person in seven experiences asthma at some time in their life. This fresh and original book looks at aspects of living with asthma in a unique and comprehensive way.

In recent years, asthma patients may have been well informed about their drug management but less emphasis has been placed on physical coping skills and the importance of the correct use of the muscles of breathing.

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