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In this course, you'll learn about Long Covid: what it is, assessment, and treatment protocols necessary for clinical practice. 

This course is led by world leaders in the Respiratory- Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy field : Tania Clifton-Smith, Scott Peirce, Jessica DeMars and Todd E. Davenport.

The Long Covid course is 13 CME hours – and you can do it completely at your own pace.

Course curriculum

  • Welcome to the course
  • Breathing Pattern Disorders
    • The biomechanics of breathing
    • The biochemistry of breathing
    • The psychoneurohysiology of breathing
  • What is Long COVID
  • Chronic Cough Management
  • Breathing Pattern Disorders assessment and treatment
  • Managing Long COVID
    • Learning from Post Viral Fatigue
    • Post Exertional Malaise and ME/CFS
    • Management & Pacing in Long Covid
  • Dysautonomia /POTS management
  • Relax, Sleep, Breathe
  • Breathing Dysfunction and Long COVID
  • Conclusion

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Breathing is the most amazing tool we have to help us through life.

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"Thank you so much, I have really enjoyed this course. This past year has been by far the most difficult in my whole career and I was fairly close to leaving the profession due to the personal and professional impact that working in a Covid ICU in London has taken on me. However, after this course, I have been reminded of what I love about my job and especially the way that we have the ability to improve peoples lives so dramatically. So thank you so much for the course."

- Victoria Robinson, UK Physiotherapist