For the Clinician

At Bradcliff, we receive patient enquiries on a daily basis from all over New Zealand, requesting information about services in their region. This patient demand has identified the need for a nationwide network. There is a huge potential for growth in this area of healthcare and if physiotherapists fail to provide it, we’ll lose yet another unique physiotherapy skill to other professions.

Certified BradCliff® Method practitioners will enjoy a niche market. As opposed to traditional physiotherapy services, clinics are very simple to set up. It’s a low-tech operation with very little expensive or bulky equipment needed, and it is highly portable. Such a service fits well into busy generalist practices and enlarges its range of therapies. One BradCliff® practitioner working as little as eight hours a week on Breathing Pattern Disorders would add considerably to non ACC income.

  • Practitioner Certification
    This is an opportunity to be part of a major growth area in health care, and add value and depth to your business in a fast changing health environment. Read more...

  • BradCliff Method Scholarship
    New for 2019, we are offering one scholarship for each of our Level 1 courses this year in Canada, New Zealand and Australia. We are so passionate about meeting the huge need for Physiotherapists trained to recognise and treat disordered breathing. Read more...

  • Upcoming Courses
    BradCliff Method® Courses in New Zealand, Australia and Canada.