Practitioner Certification - BradCliff Breathing Method®

Breathing well is the foundation of health and movement. Breathing dysfunction can affect anyone from the elite athlete to someone with neck pain to a child with asthma.

Certification is designed to provide theoretical and practical applications of key physiotherapy skills in order to understand the nature of chronic breathing pattern disorders and their often-unobserved presence across all areas of clinical practice.

This is an opportunity to be part of a major growth area in health care, and add value and depth to your business in a fast changing health environment. Our programme is open to registered physiotherapists who have a particular interest in the role of breathing and respiration, and it's links to balanced health and enhanced recovery.

Future BradCliff Method registered practitioner workshops will include case studies and literature reviews, specific topics as requested, as well as practical therapy sessions and updates prior to annual re-certification. Attendance is required once every two years to one of the workshops.

This evidence based programme, founded by world renowned leaders in dysfunctional breathing, will introduce you to the concepts of breathing dysfunction.

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This 9 week online course builds on the foundation Level 1 course with advanced assessment and treatment techniques. Inspiratory Muscle Training is covered in depth, as well as sports performance, voice and lifestyle.

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What is the value for our physios and health professionals?

  • A fresh perspective - competitive advantage
  • Intrinsic knowledge
  • Being in touch with patients
  • Being part of a community – shared insight
  • Proven by research, backed up by science = successful results

One of the best aspects is the ongoing support and discussions ...

Since attending the first two BradCliff courses, I have had some incredibly rewarding experiences with patients.

Breathing dysfunction is an extremely fascinating area of Physiotherapy and one in which the more you learn, the more interesting it becomes. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses, the BradCliff team are very knowledgeable and their various passions within their chosen field complemented each other really well for a very well rounded course.

One of the great aspects of becoming a BradCliff Practitioner is the ongoing support and discussions. I would highly recommend this course to any Physiotherapist.

  • Anna Rankin
  • Physiotherapist

8 Nov 2018