BradCliff Breathing Method Scholarships

We're extremely passionate about meeting the huge need for health professionals trained to recognise and treat disordered breathing. We receive patient enquiries on a daily basis from all over the world, requesting information about services in their region. We will be giving out a combination of 25% and 50% contribution to the cost of course fees.


  1. Therefore, we're looking for health professionals who serve populations that don't currently have access to a BradCliff trained Health Professional, or
  2. Who have circumstances where help with fees would allow completion of our course, or
  3. Who already display an active interest in the field of breathing rehabilitation.

Scholarship applications for the upcoming Level 1 Online Course in February 2023 are now OPEN. Applications close 5th February 2023.

Scholarship applications for the upcoming Level 2 Online Course in October 2023 are now OPEN. Applications close 3rd September 2023.


One of the best aspects is the ongoing support and discussions ...

Since attending the first two BradCliff courses, I have had some incredibly rewarding experiences with patients.

Breathing dysfunction is an extremely fascinating area of Physiotherapy and one in which the more you learn, the more interesting it becomes. I thoroughly enjoyed both courses, the BradCliff team are very knowledgeable and their various passions within their chosen field complemented each other really well for a very well rounded course.

One of the great aspects of becoming a BradCliff Practitioner is the ongoing support and discussions. I would highly recommend this course to any Physiotherapist.

  • Anna Rankin
  • Physiotherapist

8 Nov 2018