Bradcliff Breathing Method®

This evidence based programme, founded by world renowned leaders in dysfunctional breathing, will introduce you to the concepts of breathing dysfunction.

Our programme is open to registered physiotherapists who have a particular interest in the role of breathing and respiration, and its links to balanced health and enhanced recovery.

Level 1 course concepts:

  • A review of the respiratory/psycho/physiological alterations in the acute and chronic over-breather and the biomechanical/anatomical changes that sustain these poorly diagnosed disorders
  • Assessment and questionnaires, and goal setting
  • Identification of triggers/stressors at all ages and stages
  • Body mechanics, posture and breathing dysfunction
  • Nasal health
  • Treatment principles and techniques
  • Physical coping skills for stress fatigue, anxiety and pain management
  • Asthma, COPD, breathless patient breathing retraining guidelines
  • Introduction to Inspiratory Muscle Training
  • How to make BradCliff Method® a part of your practice

NOTE: this course is now offered online.

Breathing is the most amazing tool we have to help us through life.

"The Bradcliff Course has been a clinically valuable and enjoyable experience with the opportunity to collaborate with global colleagues. The content continues to be immediately impactful for the patients I work with every day and already has provided access to faster progress. The Bradcliff evaluation tools provide practical objective measures to assess changes in breathing pattern and measure effectiveness of interventions within treatment sessions as well as between treatment visits- all valuable additions to my practice and improving quality of life for the individuals I work with. So appreciative of this opportunity."

- Wendy Prihoda Stewart, PT, NDT, University of Wisconsin American Family Children's Hospital, Pediatric Chest Wall Clinic & Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic, Madison, WI, USA

"Thanks for all your expertise over the last number of weeks. The course has been so enjoyable and I've integrated so many aspects straight away and I'm looking forward to further applications.  I consider myself quite an experienced therapist however a re-visit to the basics and with a new perspective has truly changed my practice. The mixed learning through recorded webinars and live workshops was ideal. I picked up so much more in the recorded sessions by having the flexibility to pause as needed to take notes and review slides. BradCliff has done a brilliant job at making this course accessible internationally; without the online method, I would have been unlikely to have had to opportunity to take it because of significant travel costs."

- Erica Bajar, Respiratory Physiotherapist, Ireland

Our next BradCliff course:

BradCliff Method Level 1 - ONLINE

  • 28 Aug 2024 (9:00 am) to 11 Oct 2024 (5:00 pm)

8 week online course: 2 weeks of pre reading, 6 weeks of online content.

BradCliff Method Level 2 - ONLINE

  • 16 Oct 2024 (9:00 am) to 6 Dec 2024 (5:00 pm)

9 week online course: 2 weeks of pre reading, 7 weeks of online content, 5 webinars.

"Thank you so much, I have really enjoyed this course. This past year has been by far the most difficult in my whole career and I was fairly close to leaving the profession due to the personal and professional impact that working in a Covid ICU in London has taken on me. However, after this course, I have been reminded of what I love about my job and especially the way that we have the ability to improve peoples lives so dramatically. So thank you so much for the course."

- Victoria Robinson, UK Physiotherapist