The Times UK: Breathing, it’s the new health fad.

  • 7 March 2019

Breathing, it’s the new health fad. Are you sure you can do it properly?

Health Section: The Times UK: Harry Wallop, 5 Feb, 2019

There are now thousands of breathing coaches in the UK, and hundreds of apps that promise to 'biohack your breathing'. Meanwhile, upmarket gyms and luxury spas are now marketing 'clean breathing' alongside their saltwater pools. Practise 'correct' breathing and you will have harder abs, lower levels of anxiety and will sleep better, its proponents claim."

Our view, and we responded, is leave it to the experts, a little knowledge and skill is dangerous.

Dr. Claude Lum, the eminent chest physician at the Papworth Hospital in the U.K and pioneer in the investigation and management of hyperventilation, and in the field of breathing and the treatment of respiratory disorders said "it is better not to change a patients breathing unless you know what you are doing".

Physiotherapists have been working in the field of breathing rehabilitation for over a century. Read our May 2018 newsletter

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Behind the scenes

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BradCliff Central this month:
Scott is speaking this weekend at the Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy New Zealand conferencelisten to Scott’s introductory interview - it is well worth a listen.

And Tania is presenting at The TSANZ: Annual Scientific Meeting for Leaders in Lung Health & Respiratory Science - Dyspnoea, dysfunctional breathing and anxiety 29 March – 2 April on the Gold Coast.

Tania then flies to Newcastle to present at a workshop on the Assessment and Management of Unexplained Breathlessness and Dysfunctional Breathing on 4th of April.

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