BradCliff Breathing congratulates Michael Ballentine...

  • 4 February 2020

BradCliff Breathing congratulates Michael Ballentine, a scholarship recipient for the upcoming Level 1 course held in Vancouver. Michael owns and runs a private clinic in Los Angeles. He is doing both Level 1 and Level 2 courses, certainly making him a trail blazer in the United States in the field of breathing dysfunction & breathing pattern disorders.

"I was REALLY excited to find out I had won the scholarship. I had been looking into these courses but none are offered in the US as of yet. The scholarship helped me afford the collective costs of course, travel to Vancouver, and lodging.

I own my own outpatient orthopedic private practice in Los Angeles, CA and see a wide range of patients. Over the last 5 years my education has led me to emphasize the central role of the diaphragm. Restoring and training the functions of this all -important muscle is a game changer for rehabilitation, performance, and basic wellness. Evaluating breathing patterns opened a new professional direction as I began to observe the prevalence of dysfunction and its direct link to poor health, disease, and injury.

Having seen the therapeutic benefits of this strategy I am eager to continually learn more, broaden my practice reach, and gain more tools to better address all my current and future cases. It is a tragedy that so many people who suffer from chronic conditions as ubiquitous as heart disease, diabetes, and asthma, are not directed toward breathing therapy. This could reduce morbidity, improve quality of life, and reduce healthcare burden. Thank you for this opportunity to expand my knowledge!"

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