Meet our latest Level 2 scholarship winners

  • 18 September 2023

We're passionate about meeting the need for health professionals trained to recognise and treat disordered breathing.

Megan Collett, physiotherapist, England"I've worked as a physiotherapist for the last 16 years. I have come to realise how important breathing is in my patients’ health, well-being and quality of life. I’m passionate about supporting my patients to be able to achieve their full potential, through optimising their breathing patterns.

Being an active person, I’m  personally passionate about enabling others to be able to get out and enjoy being active in nature.

I feel the Level 2 Bradcliff Course will enhance my knowledge and provide me with the tools I need to better help my patients to live active lives, exploring what our beautiful world has to offer.

- Megan Collett, England

Samantha Diedericks, a cardiopulmonary physiotherapist working in both an inpatient and outpatient setting in Cape Town, South Africa"Thank you BradCliff Breathing Team for awarding me a scholarship for the Level 2 BradCliff Breathing Method Course. It is a great privilege and honour. 

I am a cardiopulmonary physiotherapist working in both an inpatient and outpatient setting in Cape Town, South Africa. 

My passion for breathing and helping others improve their Quality of Life through breathing has only increased since doing the Level 1 course. 

It is such a privilege to witness the change it makes to peoples lives when they learn to Breathe well. 

With the Level 1 course, and the few others I’ve completed since then, having provided me with more detailed knowledge as well as the confidence to share this knowledge with both colleagues and patients alike, I’m looking forward to how much more Level 2 will improve and enhance my Breathing Retraining skills set. "

- Samantha Diedericks, South Africa

"I feel extremely privileged to receive a scholarship from Bradcliff for the upcoming Level 2 course.

I work in an NHS Long COVID service and also within private practice near  Dundee in Scotland.  I see a real mix of respiratory problems post-COVID with a high percentage of breathing pattern disorders.

The skills I learned on the Bradcliff Level 1 course have really supported my practice in this area so

I’m excited to start the Level 2 course and expand my learning further."

- Gail Patel, Scotland

Stephanie Graham, paediatric respiratory physiotherapist from Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals, UK"Thankyou so much for selecting me for the Bradcliff Level 2 course scholarship. I am a paediatric respiratory physiotherapist from Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals, UK.

I am looking forward to enhancing my skills to treat breathing pattern disorders in respiratory, post COVID and ILO clinics.

I am one of the few therapist in the north of England managing this patient group within the NHS and it is a real privilege to be given this opportunity."

- Stephanie Graham, England

Tricia Conway, MSK physio for U18, Ireland"Thank you so for the scholarship for the upcoming level 2 course. I am so looking forward to continuing learning and being part of this worldwide community. 

I work in Dublin, Ireland as a MSK physio for U18 and am passionate about keeping all young people active.

Rehabing individuals by integrating breathing , dynamic control and encouraging self management is empowering and gives skills for life."

- Tricia Conway, Ireland

Lola Broomhall, private practice musculoskeletal physiotherapist from Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Kia Ora folks! I am a private practice musculoskeletal physiotherapist from Sorrento, on the Mornington Peninsula!

I’m also a freediver, mermaid and surfer and love all things ocean. 

Over the past year I have taken my Level 1 BradCliff skills enthusiastically in-hand, and I integrate them daily into my clinical physiotherapy practice. Completing the first course has been a career keystone for me, bringing breathwork to the forefront of my work and personal passions. I have been running specialised breath workshops for freedivers and surfers, as well as for the general community to enhance wellbeing, relaxation and mindfulness.

The past year has been transformative for both myself and my clients as we all learn how essential breathing well is for all facets of life, and how it underpins almost everything we do!

For the first time in over a decade of working as a healthcare practitioner I am finally working in the way that feels right and truly aligned. I am constantly learning, and having my mind blown about how essential the breath is to all elements of body and mind.

I know I have found my "jam" and I want to keep developing my skills and knowledge so I that can continue in this line of work and share more. And so, receiving the scholarship for the Level 2 BradCliff course is a massive gift for me - I am SO excited to see where this further training can take me on the journey into the world of breathing well! Thank you!

- Lola Broomhall, Australia

"I'm delighted to have received a scholarship for Bradcliff Breathing Level two course. I'm a cardio-respiratory physiotherapist working in New Zealand with those living with long term conditions, breathing pattern disorder and Long COVID. I am looking forward to being able to extend my knowledge and practice to facilitate best outcomes for clients."

- Jen Mepham, New Zealand

Janette Botha, a Physiotherapist in Tzaneen, South Africa"My name is Janette Botha, and I am a Physiotherapist in Tzaneen, South Africa. I work in private practice and my caseload mostly consists of Musculoskeletal conditions. I believe in a holistic approach, and the Bradcliff breathing method has transformed my practice completely. There is rarely a patient that leaves without a form of a breathing exercise.

I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge with Level 2. I thank you for this opportunity."

- Janette Botha, South Africa

 Christopher Pepitone, United States, I'm a craniopath, I do visceral manipulation. I'm also a chiropractor that specializes in Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT) and Reflex Pain Treatment."I'm grateful to be able to learn more about breathing pattern dysfunction through the Bradcliff Method. I am constantly striving to learn more to help my patients and after reading a few books on breathing pattern dysfunction and applying the concepts to my patient base it was just amazing to see how much improved the results became. It is also amazing to see how many people suffer from this problem and have no idea about how much better their quality of life could be. Thank you Bradcliff Method!

I'm from New Jersey, United States of America. I work with all ages from infants to elderly with a broad range of conditions. I'm a craniopath, I do visceral manipulation. I'm also a chiropractor that specializes in Sacro Occipital Technic (SOT) and Reflex Pain Treatment. The latter I developed based upon the concepts of reflex pain arcs developed by the developer of SOT. I've found that the more that I can incorporate into my understanding about human physiology I can better develop my protocols so my patients can see a better outcome, faster."

- Christopher Pepitone, United States

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