Meet our latest Level 1 scholarship winners for 2024

  • 9 January 2024

Thank you again for supporting me to get involved with this training program. I am enjoying it so far!

I'm very grateful to have received this scholarship supporting the increase of my knowledge, skill, and competence in tools to improve one’s breathing and quality of life.  I am a new grad physiotherapist with no one around me who is working in this area and thus very excited to build and share this knowledge with clients.  I have always been interested in a wholistic approach to health and this is just another tool and lens to add to my ability to look at the whole picture of one’s experience.

I'm working in Christchurch, New Zealand in a clinic that does both community-based programs and clinic-based programs. I mostly work in a multidisciplinary team with people in chronic pain, with complex biopsychosocial barriers or in vocational programs getting people back to work after an injury.

- Ana Maria Lynch-Ramirez, NZ

Joana Oliveira, Portugal clinical specialist in non-invasive ventilation fieldAfter 10 years working as a clinical specialist in non-invasive ventilation field, I was presented with the concept of Breathwork and all the benefits it can provide. As soon as I started searching more about it, I knew right away I had to add this tool to my professional and personal skillset. The BradCliff scholarship helped me with this wish, making it possible on a short timing! Thank you so much!!!

- Joana Oliveira, Portugal

Andrea Dunne, AustraliaI am very grateful to receive this scholarship! It is hard to fit in professional development from not only a financial point of view, but it also requires time. Being a busy mum of two girls, I need to have flexibility in completing ongoing development. 

I am fascinated by breathing, particularly dysfunctional breathing as it is something that could affect anyone, regardless of any injuries, health concerns or lack thereof. I work in the community in Queensland, Australia with older individuals who require rehabilitation for a variety of ailments. This course will provide me with another tool in my toolbox to help enhance their recovery and well-being.

- Andrea Dunne, Australia

Bobby Kemp, Physiotherapist in the Severe Asthma service at St Bartholemews Hospital in LondonIt's an honour to be a successful applicant for the Bradcliff Breathing Method Scholarship. I am very excited about the course and the learning opportunities it will provide me. I am thrilled to be learning from some real experts in the field and be amongst other like minded therapists. I work as the sole Physiotherapist in the Severe Asthma service at St Bartholemews Hospital in London. We provide care from within Tower Hamlets and beyond to Northeast London and into Essex. Within this catchment area we treat some of the most deprived and vulnerable patients as well as having some of the most culturally diverse population. Our patients really are struggling with their breathing. The skills taught here will better allow me to provide excellent care and management of breathing pattern disorders and the complications stemming from this within my cohort. Without the support of the scholarship this would not have been possible for me and for that I am very grateful.

- Bobby Kemp, England

I am delighted to have receives this scholarship and very grateful for the opportunity to enhance my learning and skills. I currently work in Ireland in a respiratory physiotherapy service with patients with confirmed or suspected COPD and asthma. The specialist education and training I will receive  from Bradcliff will truly help make a difference to lives of my patients and I am looking forward to getting started.

- Amy Anderson, Ireland

Adriana Chan, Canada respiratory therapistIn November of 2023 I attended the National Respiratory Care and Education Conference here in BC. There I heard about dysfunctional breathing and I was shocked that as a respiratory therapist I hadn't heard about it before. Since then, I have been trying to learn more about this condition. In my research (both online and talking to people in the field) I came across The Bradcliff Breathing Method. This sounded like a skill that would be very beneficial in my work and goal to start a dysfunctional breathing clinic.

I work in the lung health clinic at Jim Pattison Care and Surgery Centre in Surrey, BC. In the lung health clinic I deal with patients who have asthma, COPD, ILD, vocal cord dysfunction and probably undiagnosed dysfunctional breathing. I also work in our Respiratory Rehabilitation Program in which we see patients with chronic lung disease. We educate them about their conditions, teach them techniques to make their breathing and lives easier, and start them on their exercise journey. In both of these areas, a better knowledge of disordered breathing and techniques to help would be incredibly beneficial to me. Getting this scholarship and taking this course will mean that I can provide the best care possible to my patients. I am very excited to learn more.

- Adriana Chan, Canada

Nivedita Shahane, India Bradcliff Breathing course scholarshipThank you BradCliff Breathing team for the scholarship. I feel grateful to receive this scholarship to complete level 1 course on BradCliff breathing method. I am working as a Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapist for the past 10 years treating patients in both inpatient as well as outpatient settings  in Mumbai, India. I believe this course will help me enhance my knowledge about dysfunctional breathing and improve the wellbeing of my patients. I am looking forward to a beautiful learning experience!!

- Nivedita Shahane, India

Anya Schoeman, South Africa Bradcliff practitioner

When I got the email awarding me with a scholarship I was over the moon. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Patients have crossed my path where I have wished I had more resources to help them, and doing Bradcliff I feel that I might be of better service to those patients. I look forward to improving my clinical reasoning and knowledge. I work in a private hospital in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Our clinical setting ranges from ICU (ventilated and non-ventilated patients), medical patients (COVID, COPD, asthma) and surgical. Our biggest influx of patients are surgical patients, undergoing laparoscopies and laparotomies. Excited to start the new year with a challenge and opportunity to learn!

- Anya Schoeman, South Africa

I am truly honored to be selected as a Scholarship Winner for the BradCliff Breathing Online Course. This opportunity means the world to me as it aligns with my passion for addressing breathing dysfunction within my community.

Being a physiotherapist, I have witnessed the profound impact of breathing issues on individuals. This scholarship empowers me to enhance my skills and knowledge, ultimately enabling me to make a more significant difference in the lives of those affected.

In my work with diverse populations of India, I've seen firsthand the unique challenges each region faces regarding respiratory health. These issues are not only limited to the region but also significantly visible very prominently in the socio-cultural diversity of my region. This scholarship not only supports my professional growth but also allows me to bring valuable insights and solutions to my community.

I am grateful for the chance to contribute to BradCliff Breathing's mission and look forward to the learning journey ahead.

- Aayushi Palor, India

Veronika Mihalská Slovakia Bradcliff breathing methodI'm a private practice physiotherapist from Slovakia. Since my first respiration physiotherapy course focused on the post Covid 19 physiotherapy I stayed really amazed with the science of breathing and its impact on the whole body and mind. This has completely changed my view of physiotherapy in general and it has made me hungry for more information. So my journey of deeper breathing-related education started. Meanwhile I have become a freediver, what has opened new points of view on breathing. I made the full Respiratory and Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy program here in Slovakia and after finishing the Physiopedia online course with Tania Cliffton Smith and reading her book, I felt I definitely need to get deeper in the topic so I tried to apply for scholarship for the Bradcliff Breathing Course Level 1 and - for my huge pleasure and joy I received it! Thanks a lot for it! I'm sure this course will help me understand many things better so I will be more helpful for my clients, whether they are people with breathing pattern disorders, women with weak pelvic floor, people after surgery, children with poor posture or people experiencing panic attacks or depression, because - as I've learnt - health breathing is an essential body function for every one, in any case.

- Veronika Mihalská, Slovakia

Receiving a scholarship from you as a professional institution that is specifically for physiotherapists, has allowed me to study and move onto the field of physiotherapy where there is a lack of special service for COPD and Long COVID. I believe it is a service that will enhance the quality of life for these patients. Knowing the struggle with breathing, and being an asthmatic myself, I am very excited to be of service to patients with COPD and other lung-related conditions.

- Cathy Landsberg, Gauteng, South Africa

Hiu Gwan San, NSW, Australia Bradcliff breathing methodThank you to BradCliff for this scholarship. I have heard great things about this course. There are very few courses in this field of physiotherapy and when they are available, the cost can be a barrier to access. I am excited to bring these skills back to a regional area of NSW where I run Pulmonary Rehabilitation and have contact with adult patients who are very breathless. I also work in the private sector and look forward to applying the knowledge there and providing more specialised care to my patients.

- Hiu Gwan San, NSW, Australia

Ana Ilijeska, New York, USA Bradcliff breathing method

1. What it means to you to receive this scholarship?

I am very grateful to the BradCliff team for this scholarship. The discount I received with this scholarship will help me balance my personal and work life expenses while staying committed to professional growth and advancing the quality of care and well-being of my patients. I look forward to taking the BradCliff Breathing Level I course and explore the specialized curriculum that will equip me with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge about the respiratory system. The knowledge and skills I gain from this course will help me become a more capable, empowered, and informed healthcare professional dedicated to providing effective care to individuals facing respiratory health issues.

2. Tell us about the region and population you work with?

I work in a large hospital on Manhattan, NY, USA. I treat inpatient and outpatient pulmonary and cardiac patients with various medical diagnoses such as: COPD, asthma, long-COVID, ILD, CHF, MI, valve replacements, lung and heart transplants etc.

Ana Ilijeska, New York, USA

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