Athlete 3 phases of breath awareness

  • 20 June 2024

The world’s top athletes are to meet in just over a month. Let’s spare a thought for those involved the hard work and dedication all comes down to fine-tuning and precise timing.

Breathing efficiently is essential for these athletes.

Effectively for rest repair and recovery, pre-race nerves and breathing efficiencies and cadence for their chosen sport.

Athlete 3 phases of breath awareness:

1. Rest repair and recovery basic breathing: ‘Nose, Low and Slow'. Top tips post-exercise – step down your breathing pattern until it is regulated and effortless. Take time out daily for true relaxation. not ‘downtime’.

2. Pre Race: 'when in doubt breathe out'. Gain full awareness of your body, and track through your body using your breath to release areas of unwanted tension. Breathe nose slow & low to calm nerves. Plant feet firmly on the ground - envisage yourself performing to attain your goal.

3. Event: Cadence for sport specific – this is more complex and it is best to see a trained practitioner.

BradCliff practitioners are postgraduate trained health professionals skilled in all of the above. They can tailor-make treatments, and critically assess an individual's breathing pattern/dysfunction as well as improve performance.

Seek professional help - find a Physio

There will also be lots of over-breathing, breath holding as well as cheering from spectators while  watching our team members do their stuff!

Enjoy the Games

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