• 6 April 2021

My name is Natiq Yaqoob and I am from the Indian state of Kashmir. I have been working as a  physiotherapist for the past decade and throughout these years I have been actively involved in treating a diverse range of patients suffering from a diverse range of ailments. I am currently posted as critical care Physiotherapist at Noora hospital, a multi speciality hospital in the outskirts of Kashmir.I specialise in ICU physiotherapy , which involves airway clearances technique, NIV, respiratory physiotherapy, respiratory muscle strengthening, ICU acquired weakness. 

Hailing from Kashmir where conventional Physiotherapy is just 15-years-old, I feel I am not skilled enough to help patients suffering with respiratory distress.Furthermore Being the coldest place in North India, Kashmiri population is more prone to various respiratory ailments including seasonal flu, COPD, TB, and now Covid 19 etc. Despite being a practicing physiotherapist for more than a decade I still feel that there is more to learn and benefit from. I want to learn the latest methodologies and techniques in the field of advanced respiratory physiotherapy so that I can take better care of patients needing respiratory physiotherapy.

Being offered a scholarship by BradCliff , I can develop a better understanding of the subject and in turn implement the same in my practice and thereby help provide better treatment.

I am highly thankful to BradCliff for choosing me for this scholarship and giving me an opportunity to . I believe in giving back to the society and therefore plan to benefit patients from the knowledge that I would acquire from this scholarship.

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