BradCliff Method Level 2 - ONLINE

Level 2 Course concepts:

This online course builds on the foundation Level 1 course.

Advanced assessment and treatment techniques are covered. Certain areas are expanded on in much more depth, giving the clinician confidence to start extending treatment in these areas.

This includes: Inspiratory Muscle Training, Sports performance, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Heart rate variability (HRV), Exercise Inducible Laryngeal Obstruction (VCD or EILO), Upper airway dysfunction and Expiratory Muscle Training.

  • A review of assessment, treatment and goal setting for breathing dysfunction
  • Inspiratory Muscle Training – Advanced
  • Sport and peak respiratory performance
  • Lifestyle skills and sleep architecture
  • Mindfulness practice in breathing retraining
  • Performance and voice
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Asthma and BPD overlap
  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD or EILO)
  • Upper Airway Dysfunction 
  • Expiratory Muscle Training

Pre-requisite: Level 1 Foundation Course

This online course is only offered to physiotherapists and respiratory therapistsPlease enquire if you are unsure. If you are an allied health professional interested in future online learning, please email stating which profession you belong to and your interest in our courses.

Registration will provide the Certified Practitioner with:

  • The comprehensive BradCliff Method Level 2 Manual. This includes assessment forms and templates, diagnostic questionnaires, self-efficacy guides, patient breathing re-education plans, plus exercise, speech/voice, sleep, relaxation and other specific patient education and handout guides.
  • Access to certified practitioner-only support via online updates and closed Facebook group.
  • Use of the BradCliff logo.

Annual registration which includes:

  • Your details advertised on our BradCliff Find a Physio page
  • Exclusive membership of a worldwide networking group
  • Ongoing professional support and education

Online course: 2 weeks of pre reading, 7 weeks of online content, and 5 webinars included.


Online lectures starting 16th October 2024

Completion 6th December 2024


  • Pre reading articles will be sent out two weeks before the course start date to be done in your own time.
  • Each Wednesday during the course, you will be sent video lectures for you to view in your own time via Vimeo links that each have a password. Each section will come with handouts and a set of questions for you to answer.
  • During the course, there will be five live one hour Webinars via Zoom to discuss the content and any questions. Time slots for the Webinars are usually Wednesday/Thursday 7am, 8am, 12pm, 6.30pm, 8pm and 11.30pm New Zealand Time (please convert to your own time zone). You will choose one Webinar time slot per week. We will make every possible effort to make sure there is a time that works for you.
  • The final Webinar will be a Case Presentation, where you will present to the group at the end of the course.
  • 36 CME hours spread over 7 weeks

Each week will require between 3-4 hours participation in your own time, plus there will be four live webinars.

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