Tania Clifton-Smith

New Zealand Physiotherapy Honorary Fellow Award 2021 - this award is in recognition of contribution through research, advocacy, or academic achievements for the advancement of the profession &/or for population health internationally.

Physiotherapist Tania has 30 years experience in the field of breathing dysfunction, breathing pattern disorders and hyperventilation syndrome and physiotherapy.

She co-foundered Breathing Works clinics 1998: the clinics have treated over 30,000 individuals with breathing pattern disorders & breathing dysfunction.

Established the BradCliff Breathing Method in 2008, a physiotherapy treatment programme for breathing dysfunction. Completed the post graduate MindBody Medicine diploma AUT Auckland 2015.

Published works on breathing pattern disorders & breathing dysfunction include:



  • Clifton-Smith T, Rowley, J. (2011). “Breathing pattern disorders and physiotherapy: inspiration for our profession”, Physical Therapy Reviews, 16 (1) p75-86


  • Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders A Multidisciplinary Approach by Leon Chaitow, Christopher Gilbert, Dinah Morrison United Kingdom, 2013 Chapter 7.6 Breathing Pattern Disorders and the Athlete

Guidelines: Severe Asthma Toolkit Australia 2018

Current positions:

  • NZ Asthma and Allergy Educational Board
  • NZ Physiotherapy Business Development Advisory Group


Extensive since 1991 to both medical and non-medical audiences.

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