Janet Rowley

Physiotherapist, MHSc(Hon), Dip Physiotherapy, MNZP

Janet has been specialising in the area of breathing dysfunction for over 16 years. As a musculo-respiratory physiotherapist, Janet combines both her knowledge of anatomy and muscle function with the respiratory aspect of breathing and lung disease. Janet completed her Masters of Health Science (Hon) in 2005; her Masters research project involved developing the RoBE Questionnaire, which is used in the clinic today and has been used in research around the world.

Janet has a particular interest in the performing arts. She works with singers, actors and dancers to improve their respiratory biomechanics for optimal core stability and power.

Janet is also interested in the treatment of dizziness, whether it is caused by the breathing pattern or other biomechanical or physiological  factors. Anxiety and asthma education are her other key areas. Janet’s expertise providing an integrative treatment is based on both years of clinical knowledge and the latest research.

Janet currently lectures on the BradCliff Breathing Method courses.

She is married, with three grown up children. In her spare time, Janet enjoys theatre, dance and runs a local charity op shop.