Dinah Morrison

Dinah Bradley and Tania Clifton-Smith met in 1991. Dinah had just published her book Hyperventilation Syndrome – a Handbook for Bad Breathers. (Her original title, The Hazards of Heavy Breathing, had been rejected by the publisher days before going to print!). When in 1989 she was appointed to run an outpatient respiratory physiotherapy service at Green Lane Hospital, New Zealand’s major cardiothoracic hospital, she spotted many a chronic hyperventilator, especially in the asthma clinics. Her initial book evolved from the highly successful drug-free treatment techniques developed ‘on the job’. It remained on the NZ bestseller lists for nine weeks and is still in print 20+ years later.

In 1999 Dinah and Tania joined forces and established BREATHING WORKS Ltd, the first independent breathing pattern disorders clinic in Australasia. The BradCliff Method ® has evolved from their combined vision and clinical skills.

Dinah is a co-author of Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders – which is the go to technical book in this field of work. The BradCliff Method is featured in some basic detail in this book and these methods are recognised internationally. 

Dinah has now retired from teaching and clinical practice.