Brooke Peirce

Director / Physiotherapist, BHSc(Physiotherapy) PGDip(Rehabilitation), MPNZ, Partner BradCliff Breathing

Brooke, alongside Scott, owns the Breathing Works Clinics. She is also a director of the BradCliff Breathing Method which runs education courses for Physiotherapists in New Zealand, Australia and Canada, as well as corporate workshops throughout New Zealand. She works out of the Newmarket Clinic on Thursdays, and the North Shore Clinic on Mondays.

Brooke is passionate about treating breathing dysfunction. She has a personal interest in disordered breathing after she suffered from sports related breathing dysfunction and anxiety while competing in Triathlon as a Junior Elite athlete. She represented New Zealand in Triathlon, and previously worked as a swimming coach; as a result, she has a deep understanding of the requirements for sport and activity across a wide range of sports and age populations.

Brooke utilises her strong musculoskeletal background to connect breathing with restoring optimal movement, posture, and function. Since having children, she is also very motivated to improve children’s breathing habits, especially mouth breathing in young children and the wide-ranging implications this has.

She has completed postgraduate training in Clinical Pilates, Acupuncture, and Ultrasound Imaging, and is currently working on her Masters of Physiotherapy which involves completing a research-based thesis on the movement of the diaphragm in people suffering from breathing dysfunction.