BradCliff Live Workshop Level 1 - HYBRID & IN-PERSON OPTIONS

  • ProActive Physiotherapy, 525 Highway 97S Unit 628, West Kelowna, British Columbia, V1Z 4C9, Canada
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A one day intensive workshop covering all the practical techniques learnt in the Level 1 Online course. 

Instructors: Scott Peirce (BradCliff Director) and Jessica DeMars (BradCliff Canada Master Instructor)

If you have not completed Level 1 before, there is an option to complete a full Level 1 Course with 3 weeks of theory online prior to the course, and then join the BradCliff Live Workshop to complete the practical techniques.

Demonstrations by our instructors of the assessment and treatment techniques including:

  • A review of the respiratory/psycho/physiological alterations in the acute and chronic over-breather and the biomechanical/anatomical changes that sustain these poorly diagnosed disorders
  • Assessment and questionnaires of BPD
  • Body mechanics, posture and breathing dysfunction
  • Nasal health
  • Treatment principles and techniques – hands on manual BradCliff deactivation techniques
  • Introduction to Diaphragm Ultrasound assessment and biofeedback
  • Breathing retraining in all postures
  • Physical coping skills for stress fatigue, anxiety and pain management
  • Introduction to Inspiratory Muscle Training

A highlight of the in-person course will be the ability to learn appropriate verbal cueing and tactile feedback for breathing retraining techniques.

In-person immediate feedback provided on all hands-on techniques as well as case discussions with the instructors and within the group. It will be a fantastic chance to meet up and connect with like-minded Physiotherapists and talk all things breathing related.

Course Options:

Hybrid Full Level 1 course: includes online lectures starting 14th February 2024. Self directed x 3 weeks of online learning followed by one day intensive in-person in Kelowna, Canada.

  • Early Bird: Available until 24 Jan 2024 $945
  • Full Price: Available 25 Jan until 11 Feb 2024 $1145

Level 1 Live one day workshop: For previous attendees of BradCliff Level 1: One day intensive in-person workshop in Kelowna, Canada. No online learning. Price of 1 day course only:

  • Early Bird: Available until 24 Jan 2024 $545
  • Full Price: Available 25 Jan until 2 Mar 2024 $745

⇒ To register for the Level 1 Live one day workshop: please email to confirm your details and arrange payment add a ticket for the Level 1 course below, and then enter the code PREVATTENDEE at the checkout. This will take $400 off the price of the full course.

Both Level 1 and 2 Live weekend workshop: For previous attendees of BradCliff Level 1 and 2. Both Level 1 and 2 in person workshops, in Kelowna, Canada. No online learning. Price of 2 day course:

  • Early bird: up to the 24 Jan 2024 $745
  • Full Price: Available 25 Jan until 2 Mar 2024 $945

⇒ To register for both days in-person, please go to the Level 2 page and purchase your ticket there.

NOTE: If your employer will be funding this course, please fill in the form below so we can generate an invoice and send on to them. 

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